P3FRE for PS3 crack! Guide

Here is some photo and guide for P3FREE, hope can help you

Here is one video for show you how to boot the P3FREE:

P3FREE can support the FAT PS3 and SLIM PS3, and all region.
The P3FREE boot step:
#1. Remove the AC power cable from your SLIME PS3, or turn off the AC switch with your FAT PS3;
#2. Insert the P3FREE, and remove other USB device if you inset it before, and eject the disk from BD drive if exist;
#3. Insert the AC power cable to your SLIME PS3, or turn on the AC switch with your FAT PS3;
#4. Touch the PS3 power button to active PS3, then touch the EJECT button quickly;
#5. You will hear some "beep beep" sound from PS3, then the P3FREE RED LED will start to blinking, after a while, the RED LED will turn off and the GREEN LED will turn on.
when you see the GREEN LED turn on, it mean P3FREE have active already, now you can take off the P3FREE if you want.

P3FREE start to run

P3FREE is active succeed

P3FREE support FAT PS3 too

P3FREE is active succeed

Now start to upgrade your PS3 to firmware v3.41
You can download the workable V3.41 from here, because 3.41 have one old version too, the old version will make your PS3 crash when upgrading, take care with it!

Upgrade step:
#1. Unzip the download firmware to one USB disk (it need format to FAT32) root folder;
#2. Don’t link your PS3 to internet;
Now, you can enter the "System Upgrade" page

Here don’t choose "Update via Internet", you must choose "Update via Storage Media"!

You can see the firmware is V3.41, the correct one which can let you run P3FREE

Then click "YES" to start update.

Don’t touch it, until the update complete.

OK 3.41 firmware is install complete, now you can go to "System Settings" page to check again the current firmware version.

Enter "System Information" page

Yes, 3.41 already

Then now you need install the "Backup Manager" , to backup your BD game to internal HD or external one.
Unzip the "Backup_Manager_P3FREE.com.rar" to your USB disk, at root folder.
Then enter the "Install Package Files" page.

You can install any PKG now.

Backup Manager install completed

The FTP Server is not must install if you don’t need the network P2P function

FTP Server install completed

You can see have 2 new channel icons appeared.

Now go to "Backup Manager", then enter it.

Oh yes, i have to choice "YES", i know it

Hum… why nothing in there? just one blank screen?

Sure, if your USB disk is empty or no any PS3 ISO content, it’ll show you nothing. And again, the USB disk must be FAT32 format!
OK, now i link one USB HD to PS3 and it have backup one game already inside before, you can see the game bar is there.

You need insert one original BD game to PS3 now, for backup it or boot your game.

If you choice the "Backup", you will see it let you choice backup to internal HD (when you don’t link any USB disk) or external HD.

No, i don’t want to backup this game now, i just want run the other one, so i select it and press "X" to load.

Now back to the main menu, where is my backup game?

Ahhh ok, it’s there!

Enjoy it

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